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Your peace of mind at an affordable price. Loss Prevention and Risk Mitigation through Detection, Research, Analysis, Security (DRAS) and protective Intelligence (Int).  We’re a respected and renowned Private Corporate Risk Management and Investigative firm based in India. With years of experience, our licensed and professional investigators with over a decades of experience in Investigations and Security are here to help. We at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited act as your Consulting Investigation Unit (CIU) to help identify and investigate the frauds in Insurance Sector, Payroll; Financial, HR, Online, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Logistics and Matrimonial Sector to name some. We also provide Security Consultancy Services for specialised manpower and projects.

Frauds in Insurance Sector


The Indian insurance industry is expected reach new levels with increasing awareness and stronger distribution channels.  In terms of gross premiums generated by a country, India ranks 10th for Life Insurance and 15th for Non-Life insurance products. World over, insurance fraud makes up for 8.5 per cent of the revenue that the industry generates. 10-13% of the claims in general insurance are fraudulent. Insurance Frauds that are investigated by DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited include but not limited to Fake insurance policies, Fake customers, Fake declaration and Fake claims. ​The investigation methods employed by DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited to tackle the menace include Investigation and cross checks of documents to detect the fraud and Running special investigation of every doubtful claim. We at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited investigate Organized criminals who steal large sums through fraudulent business activities, Professionals and technicians who inflate service costs or charge for services not rendered and Ordinary people who view filing a claim as an opportunity to make money. Doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic facilities and medical equipment suppliers who have been found involved in scams to defraud the system. Examples of claimant fraud include over-utilizing medical care to keep receiving lost income (indemnity) benefits, exaggeration of symptoms, working while allegedly disabled and not reporting income, claiming a job-related injury that never occurred or claiming a non-work-related injury as a work-related injury.

Frauds in Automobile Insurance 

We at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited investigate Automobiles Insurance Frauds viz Misrepresenting facts on insurance applications, Inflating insurance claims, Staging accidents, Submitting claim forms for injuries or damage that never occurred, False reports of stolen vehicles, Counterfeit spares  being produced for nearly every make of vehicle, and Unscrupulous automobile body repair shop using less expensive airbags and obtaining reimbursement from insurance companies for legitimate airbags.

Payroll Frauds

We at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited investigate Employers who misrepresent their payroll or the type of work carried out by their workers to pay lower premiums thereby committing workers compensation fraud. Some employers also apply for coverage under different names to foil attempts to recover money owed on previous policies or to avoid detection of their poor claim record. Then there are frauds committed at a personal level by various stakeholders for illegal monetary gains.

Financial and Online Frauds

Plethora of frauds are continuously witnessed in Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting and Management Accounting, with last one having serious legal ramifications. Our forensic accountants employ tools to identify financial frauds and irregularities. Evidence generated can be used suitably in the court of law.

We at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited on being entrusted help you to investigate Credit Card Frauds, Online Transaction Frauds, Banking and Insurance Frauds, Consumer Fraud, Identity Theft, Investment Scams, Money Laundering, Bankruptcy, Tax Fraud, Fraud in E-Commerce, Financial Statement Fraud, Asset and Inadequate Disclosure Frauds, White Collar Crime viz Bank  fraud, Insurance fraud, Corporate fraud, Money laundering, Accounting fraud, Inside trading, Cyber frauds, Tax evasion, Blackmail, Bribery, Embezzlement, Hoarding, Black-marketing, Blue Collar Crime,​ Industry Specific Frauds like frauds specific to Logistics sector, Security industry, Financial institution, Healthcare industry viz False billing, Common Red Flags like Financial Statement Frauds, Asset Misappropriation, Common Green Flags, Card Skimming, Counterfeit Cards, Identity Theft, Use of Technology in Stock Market fraud or Investment fraud, Hijacking the account of the investor, Market data sabotage: fake news, Insider trading and Hiding or non disclosure of assets., Loan Sharking and Fencing.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Frauds

We at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited also investigate Copyright, Patents, Designs, Trade marks, Inventor promotion fraud or Invention promotion scams and moreover we are always on lookout for Tell Tale signs of IPR Frauds viz Requests for immediate, up-front payment for promotion or development services, Lack of proper contact information, credentials, or identification, Failure to provide written correspondences, receipts, or contracts and Gimmicks such as “money-back guarantees.

Frauds in Logistics Sector

In the subcontinent, the transportation business at the corporate level is reasonably well organized; it however, remains in realm of unorganized sector at the grass root level, controlled mostly by supervisors and driver contractors or by the drivers themselves. Pace of drivers sets up the pace of operations. In our country, they always remain over tasked and underpaid. They spend their lives in miserable living conditions. Smart ones make a fortune out of the business. Then there are undesirable activities in which few indulge in which according to customers drives the core ethics of the transport business i.e. being unprofessional, stating rehearsed lies, seasoned deceit methods and involvement in well researched defrauding practices, unleashing them at an earliest possible opportunity for illegal monetary gains or simply fraud. The onus of this behavior lies partially in drivers upbringing in backdrop of our societal set up; cultural practices and partially on their employer payment terms and condition. A driver is happy if his fuel tank is filed up in time and he has an access to it, whenever he desires. We at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited are sure that this irrational behavior can be disciplined by adopting technology, employing correct operational processes, practices and anti-fraud procedures. At times the staff at corporate is also a party to the frauds and receives kickback for each successful scam which is undertaken. Thus, the second set of people who set the pace of operations is the staff at corporate involved in releasing the payments. The favored methods of defrauding employed by them are commission and kickback. Fraudulent practices by the C-Suite are not very uncommon in the business as the processes suffer from loopholes and limitations. At times, there exist a huge disparity between capability and expectation. Under these settings, unrealistic business targets promised to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) lead to disappointments due to frequent failures and unknown risks. The oversight mechanism is either absent or has rudimentary presence. With due blessings of the external auditors, misleading the management into banking and financial frauds to hide undesirable results, or to inflate the asset component in the balance sheet to take loans have been found to be one of the most common frauds employed by the financial department. Falsification of results is a common practice. DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited team has identified 50 frauds and corrupt practices prevalent in the Logistics sector which include frauds in Warehousing, Transportation and Projects related to Logistics operations.  The business risks posed by such practices are high. Most of these risks are tangible. A few have a short term financial impact while others have a more serious long term reputational impact leading to closure of business houses. There are multitudes of anti-fraud methods and strategies which can be employed to identity and arrest them. If employed correctly as preventive measures, they can increase the profits by approximately 5-7%, which in other words is the same amount of percentage which is lost due to the fraudulent and corrupt activities. 


Vehicle move on unauthorized routes to avoid toll taxes and drivers pockets the amount meant for the purpose by production of fake receipts. This practice has been found to be a major contributing factor towards accidents and can nullify a host of good operations at Branch, Zonal or Regional level. The accident devour a major portion of the profits as it involves repairing or writing off a vehicle, loss of the load and its consequent payment to the client, third party payments, medical expenses for treatment and the legal processes and encumbrance. At times, the driver loses his life. Good Companies mitigate the risk on life loss by covering the drivers and third party through insurance. The accident settlement amounts runs into huge sums. The inflated way side repair bills, receiving commissions and kickbacks are a common practice employed both by the OEMs and dealing staff. Inflating of the bills by drivers for recovery operations and repairs at local level during movement is also common. At time the bills are absent as the payments made for accidents are difficult to be accounted for. They also include sums paid for bribery for getting some administrative work done. Deviations are common to record such expenditure under the authorized headings which fall in domain of fraudulent practice.


The Management of the Companies has to give their commitment to anti-fraud strategies in the Logistic sector. We at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited with our experienced investigators are there to help them through both discreetly or through a customised intelligence solution to suit their business requirements.


About 70% of the profiles on leading matrimony portals and offline community marriage bureaus are either fake or have one or more types of discrepancies. People tend to hide or overstate certain facts related to their work and financial status, educational degree, physical and medical aspects to get better matches. The consultants at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited ensure that Matchmaking is simplified, thereby Reducing chances of divorce or other legal implications due to false facts by conducting Investigations viz Checking authenticity of the profile, Identity proofing, Educational proofing: latest Educational certificates, Salary proofing etc.

Every investigation that is entrusted to DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited is important and we apply apt resources to take it to a logical conclusion and to the best satisfaction of our clients. Bottom line, we’re well equipped to handle the cases that come our way.  We thrive to protect organizations, defining new benchmarks for comprehensive risk management. 

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  • Due-diligence/Background verification

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