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A team of Certified Corporate Investigators


Your peace of mind at an affordable price. Loss Prevention and Risk Mitigation through Detection, Research, Analysis, Security (DRAS) and protective Intelligence (Intelligence).  


We’re a respected and renowned Private Corporate Risk Management and Investigative firm based in India. With years of experience, our licensed and professional investigators with over a decade of experience in Investigations and Security are here to help.

We at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited act as your Consulting Investigation Unit (CIU) to help identify and investigate the frauds in Insurance Sector, Payroll, Financial, HR, Online, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Logistics and Matrimonial Sector to name some. 

We also provide Security Consultancy Services for specialized manpower and projects.

Some of the  investigations which are undertaken by us are highlighted below:

[ Corporate Risk Management]


  • Risk Advisory and Compliance

  • Risk Assessment

  • Forensic Accounting

  • Investigating Fraud

  • Devising Anti-fraud Strategy

  • Corporate Accident Investigation viz Arson
  • Due-diligence/Background verification

  • Tracing Lost Valuable Asset

  • Investigations related to Intellectual Property Rights

  • Corporate Intelligence Cover

  • Accidents Internal Root Cause Analysis and Resolution within Legal Permissible Limits

  • Devising Anti-Sabotage Measures

  • Interviews by highly trained interviewers 

[ Security and Loss Prevention ]


  • Logistics Audit

  • Logistic Sector Anti Fraud Strategy and Implementation in Transportation, Warehousing and Projects

  • Motor Accident Internal Root Cause Analysis and Resolution within Legal Permissible Limits

  • Security Management

  • Security Audits 

  • Security Solutions

  • Undertaking Security Projects

[ Cyber Frauds ]


  • Investigating Cyber Frauds

  • Technical Convergence

[ Insurance Fraud ]



  • Life Insurance  Frauds

  • General Insurance Frauds

  • False Accident Claims

[ Domestic Affairs ]


  • Pre Matrimony Investigations

  • Asset Risk and Protection

  • Individual Risk and Protection

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[ Forensic Investigations ]


  • Age Determination and Verification through Forensic applications

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