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Decoding Success Stories Part 2: Transition Corporate to Military

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Decoding Success Stories Part 2: Corporate to Military

The success story of Cadet Vishy, a lady corporate professional, who has recently cleared SSB and will shortly be proceeding to the training academy to join the Indian Armed Forces as a Commissioned officer.

Link of the Success story of Cadet Vishy Mentor Colonel Hitesh Chandel:

For more details regarding the contents of the course and photographs of the facilities available please visit

SSB Product:

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SSB Training

I take this opportunity to introduce this particular service of DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited which is related to Nation building and Developing Future Leaders. As part of our commitment to the nation, we groom youth for a career in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Paramilitary forces as an Officer. We are pleased to announce that our SSB training Programs have commenced at a well-appointed and equipped premium set-up located at Ajmer in scenic laps of Aravali’s in Rajasthan, with complete in-house boarding and lodging facilities. The aspiring cadets desirous of a glorious and honorable career serving the defense forces and seeking to become Leaders through various entry schemes are being imparted training by experienced ex-defense professionals having successfully groomed 37 cadets, who are still in service and carrying forward the legacy.

The Curriculum

The curriculum covers the complete SSB aspects including guidance and written exams. We have a specialized team involved in SSB Interview coaching, preparation, SSB Training according to the latest syllabi and SSB Interview trends. We provide full SSB exposure for Screening Test comprising of Reasoning Ability Test, Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR), Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT), both Indoors Group Discussion (GD), Group Planning Exercise (GPE) Lecturette and Outdoor activities like Progressive Group Tasks, Half Group Tasks, Command Tasks, Individual Obstacles, and Group Obstacle Race as faced by candidates at various SSB centers for Army, Navy, and Air Force. We have our training techniques evolved over years of experience to improve the candidate’s communication skills and effective participation in Group Activities thereby improving Group Dynamics.


The duration of the course will be 12 days in two batches of 20 cadets during any given month, starting on the 03rd and 18th of the month. Batches are customized if three or more cadets join together. Special batches are being run for women's entry schemes. We run a crash course for 07 days also.

  • As we are seeking excellence, candidates who apply should have good analytical and oratory skills.

  • All COVID-19 measures are in place at the CoE and precautions are being taken during the training and stay of candidates. Cadets are requested to carry the medical certificate for COVID-19 as prescribed by the Government of India.

  • We encourage the family members of the candidates to stay at our CoE at an additional concessional cost. They can enjoy the natural beauty and religious places of worship.

  • The details will be required to be intimated to us, well in advance for making suitable arrangements for the family members. The family members will not be allowed to stay with the cadets.

  • Adequate security arrangements are in place to take care of our Centre.

DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited acts as your Consultative Investigative Unit (CIU) for Field Investigation Services and Surveillance. We specialize in investigations related to Arson, White Collar Crime, Financial Fraud and Malpractice, Corporate frauds and Forgery. We specialize in Protective Intelligence, Industrial Surveys, Asset Verification, Accident Investigation Services and Fire Damage Investigation Services, Character Report, Background Verification, Identity Verification Services, Pre-Employment Check, Documentary Proofing, Bank Card Verification, Digital Forensics Services and Forensic Audit Services, Insurance Fraud investigation and Insurance Claim Verification. We also undertake to investigate Anti-Counterfeit Services, Infringement of Trade Mark, Trademark Verification and Pilferage of Good. As a private investigator we undertake Property Dispute and Asset Verification Investigations, investigations related to Matrimonial Discord, Extra Marital Affairs, and Spouse Fidelity and Pre Matrimonial Verification. Sourcing and provisioning of Security Manpower and Equipment, and to conduct Security, Investigation, Intelligence Awareness Training programs are some of our other specialties.

For more details regarding the contents of the course and photographs of the CoE facilities available please visit

SSB Product:

Book for free Consultation with our experts today.

DRASINT RISK ALLIANCE PRIVATE LIMITED कॉपीराइट के उल्लंघन, साहित्यिक चोरीया प्रकाशन के अन्य उल्लंघनों के मुद्दों को बहुत गंभीरता से लेती है।हम अपने अधिकारों की रक्षा करना चाहते हैं और हम हमेशा साहित्यिक चोरी के दावों की जांच करते हैं। प्रस्तुत पाठ की जाँच की जाती है।जहाँ पाठों में पाया जाता है कि बिना अनुमति के या अपर्याप्त स्वीकृति के साथ तृतीय-पक्ष कॉपीराइट सामग्री शामिल है, हम कार्रवाई करने का अधिकार सुरक्षित रखते है। प्रतियाँ बनाने का अधिकार डेटाबेस, या वितरकों को उपलब्ध है जो विभिन्न दर्शकों को पांडुलिपियों या पत्रिकाओं को प्रसारित करने में शामिल हो सकते हैं।

DRASINT RISK ALLIANCE PRIVATE LIMITED प्रकाशित सामग्री का एकमात्र मालिक है।

Mobile Number:+918290439442,

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