Emergent Banking Threats

Remedies when under attack

  • Disconnect and Detach: In case of an ongoing attack on your computer or Information Technology infrastructure, your first step should be to disconnect the device from the Internet as this is the most effective way to prevent further loss of data. In case of cyberbullying or cyberstalking, one should simply step away from the screen before proceeding to initiate legal action. Temporary laws should be made regarding the ongoing investigation. In the event of a successful phishing attack where you are conned into revealing private and confidential information, you should immediately initiate steps like:

  • Freeze your bank accounts and credit cards.

  • Alter your Internet and mobile banking passwords.

  • Take legal action: Do not ignore and delay the process, initiate legal action to minimize the negative consequences of the cyber-crime. Contact the Cyber-Crime Investigation Cell to file a written complaint against the cyber-criminal. Provide essential information like the nature of the crime, the extent of damage, relevant documents, and data.

  • Inform your Contacts: Theft of your virtual identity can be misused by cybercriminals to steal information and data from all your online contacts.

  • Take preventive measures for the future: Install preventive antivirus software, use a strong password and never disclose your banking details.

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