Finding a Life Partner

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Matrimony Related Frauds during

‘Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial’ Period

By Shreya Sharma

DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited

Finding a life partner is one of the crucial steps in your life. Nowadays due to advancement and upsurge in internet dependency, many depend directly on matrimonial sites to find a perfect life partner. Looking for a feasible alternative and choosing options while assessing the compatibility of the partner leads to high usage of matrimonial sites. These sites provide a wide range of choices which are not restricted to a particular group of religion, caste or status. The sites enlarge the scope of communication through online virtual engagement of two families and contain a vast database of bride and groom profile. Matrimonial websites aren’t like dating websites; they rather work with a goal and are keenly engaged with marriage interaction.

Getting Duped

These days’ cyber cons are targeting people through matrimonial sites. With a list of pros going on, some of the cunning individuals and groups with ill-intentions participate in unsolicited acts on Matrimonial sites. It’s a thriving business for them. Several individuals have fallen prey to these frauds and have lost money. In the recent years, there have been rise in the general public duped by fraudulent suitors through matrimonial websites. A simple way of creating account in matrimonial site and easy registration reduces the stress and burden of bride and groom searchers. Fraudsters take advantage of the easy registration process and try commit fraudulent activities by making approachable profiles in the name of reputed profession having handsome salaries.

Cases of Matrimonial Related Fraud

Case 1

A 28 years old Hyderabad based woman, was allegedly cheated of INR 14 Lakhs by a Delhi-based businessman, whom she asserted to have met on a matrimonial site. After getting connected on mobile, the lady started receiving messages from the prospective groom. The businessman claimed to be a UK-born doctor of Indian origin. They became friendly and both of them decided to get married. After some days, the accused told the victim that he was planning to visit India along with his sister and nephew and requested her to pay for the visas, as he was not able to transfer the money, to which she obliged. An urgency for the making of visas and victim’s intent of meeting her beloved, made the lady fall into the trap. She paid the money and thus became a victim to online matrimonial fraud.