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Finding a Life Partner

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Matrimony Related Frauds during

‘Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial’ Period

By Shreya Sharma

DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited

Finding a life partner is one of the crucial steps in your life. Nowadays due to advancement and upsurge in internet dependency, many depend directly on matrimonial sites to find a perfect life partner. Looking for a feasible alternative and choosing options while assessing the compatibility of the partner leads to high usage of matrimonial sites. These sites provide a wide range of choices which are not restricted to a particular group of religion, caste or status. The sites enlarge the scope of communication through online virtual engagement of two families and contain a vast database of bride and groom profile. Matrimonial websites aren’t like dating websites; they rather work with a goal and are keenly engaged with marriage interaction.

Getting Duped

These days’ cyber cons are targeting people through matrimonial sites. With a list of pros going on, some of the cunning individuals and groups with ill-intentions participate in unsolicited acts on Matrimonial sites. It’s a thriving business for them. Several individuals have fallen prey to these frauds and have lost money. In the recent years, there have been rise in the general public duped by fraudulent suitors through matrimonial websites. A simple way of creating account in matrimonial site and easy registration reduces the stress and burden of bride and groom searchers. Fraudsters take advantage of the easy registration process and try commit fraudulent activities by making approachable profiles in the name of reputed profession having handsome salaries.

Cases of Matrimonial Related Fraud

Case 1

A 28 years old Hyderabad based woman, was allegedly cheated of INR 14 Lakhs by a Delhi-based businessman, whom she asserted to have met on a matrimonial site. After getting connected on mobile, the lady started receiving messages from the prospective groom. The businessman claimed to be a UK-born doctor of Indian origin. They became friendly and both of them decided to get married. After some days, the accused told the victim that he was planning to visit India along with his sister and nephew and requested her to pay for the visas, as he was not able to transfer the money, to which she obliged. An urgency for the making of visas and victim’s intent of meeting her beloved, made the lady fall into the trap. She paid the money and thus became a victim to online matrimonial fraud.

Case 2

In the recent past there have been incidents when people, especially women were cheated via matrimonial sites. Frauds initiated through these sites led to sexual assault and rape. In Pune, a 44- year old victim was allegedly deceived by a man, who had been in touch with her through a Marathi matrimonial site. The victim claimed that the accused raped her, forced sexual conduct without her permission and allegedly laundered INR 4 lakh from the victim on the pretext of going abroad with a claimed aim of business expansion.

Modus Operandi of Fraudsters

A research of recent trend of online matrimonial frauds cases registered with law enforcement and on social medium, suggests that usually, fraudsters create fake profiles on matrimonial sites posing as reputed professionals with big names, settled in India and foreign countries. After posting of an exciting and approachable profile on any reputed matrimonial platform as prospective bride-groom, fraudsters befriend the opposites. They use voice-changing apps to pretend as the parents and guardians of the accused bride-groom. They work hard to gain confidence and build trust with the victim and family. Having established initial foothold, the fraudsters then ask to transfer money into their bank accounts stating an urgency. Once their ill-motives are fulfilled and demanded money is transferred, they disappear leaving no traces. Thus, the Modus-Operandi remains to be the establishment of trust and intimacy to the bride-groom through online chats, mails or even phone calls. The story commences right from proposal of marriage leading to ill promises and false story plans. Mostly an urgent situation is pseudo-logically formed claiming many reasons which the accused usually falsifies by gifting strategies and claims that the foreign exchange which they were bringing into the country was stopped at the airport by customs and they ask the victim to clear the procedures. Another reason for grabbing money stands out to be the urgent need for medical reasons.

How to Identify the Swindler

Some of the common tell-tale signs to identify the swindler are stated but not limited to the following:-

  • Fake promises and expression of love as quickly as possible before even understanding each other’s ‘sweet and sours’.

  • Consistently poking towards victim with an aim to gain personal information.

  • Refusal to meet-in-person for interaction.

  • Reluctant for a video call to hide their identity.

  • Usually an attracting and approachable matrimonial profile is the common character of the profile.

  • A quick urge to enquire about the property and income and then eventually demanding the money accordingly.

Investigation at Pre-Matrimonial Stage

Pre-matrimonial Investigation is used to reveal the correct information of the prospective groom or bride and his/her family. Investigation can be undertaken in two ways;

  • First, a general inquiry is conducted regarding the questioned groom or bride which includes financial background, family reputation, education history, past history i.e. broken marriages or pre-marital relations. Majorly 70% information gets revealed through this enquiry.

  • Secondly, a character-check of the questioned ‘bride-groom’ by conducting surveillance of their daily indoor-outdoor activities. This step helps to close on to 100% correctness of the investigation.

Investigation after Marriage

Marriage is the intimate union and a matter of equal partnership of both the spouses. Permanency, exclusivity, respectfulness and faithfulness stands to be the sacred essential pillars as they foster and protect the purpose of marriage. Mutual love, respect and genuineness within each other is of vital importance.

Predictable Patterns of Marriage Breakdown

The irretrievable breakdown of marriage is a situation that exists when either or both spouses are no longer able or willing to continue their life with each other’s presence thereby, destroying their husband and wife relationship with absence of any hope of resumption of spousal duties. Failure of matrimonial relation adverse the relationship as that no reasonable probability remains between the spouses to live together for mutual comfort and support. Eventually, a breakdown of marital relation leads to disruption of two different individual’s life. People with no intentions to live together, file a divorce case against each other and discloses the fact and circumstances leading to discontinuation of the relation. According to many researches, it is claimed that people with such thoughts end to proceed to law enforcement in initial years of marriage only. Many laws in Indian Judiciary are made which aids women to file a case on the basis of her statements. Section 498 A of Indian Penal Code also popularly known as the Dowry Law seeks to protect married women from being subjected to cruelty by the husband or his relatives.

The major contributors of divorce are a certain lack of commitment, infidelity, continuous blaming allegations, conflicts between spouses and family, domestic violence and substance abuse. Behavioural theories of marriage have suggested that conflict behaviour have important implications for couple’s evaluation of their marriage and divorce. Divorced individuals, compared to their married counterparts have higher levels of psychological distress, substance abuse and depression, as well as lower level of physical health.

An Unfortunate Termination of a Relation

Divorce is one of the most serious social problems in the modern world. It has become very common teaser and it affects all levels of the society. Marriages that end in divorce typically begin a process of unravelling, estrangement and emotional separation years before the actual legal divorce is obtained. Some of the unhappy couples explore marital counselling, extramarital relationships and trial separations as a way to adapt others way of living. The primary effect of divorce is a decline in the bond between parent and the child. As, immediately after a divorce, mostly parents have two sets of problems i.e. their adjustment within their own intra-psychic conflicts and inter-disputes and to their role as a divorced parents. The stress of divorce tends to weaken internally and damage the parent-child relationship, children’s studies and upbringing. Children in divorced families tend to receive less emotional support, financial assistance and practical help from parents. A decrease in language simulation, affection, social maturity and warmth are a major negative outcome of parent’s divorce on children. The secondary effect of divorce will be emotional and psychological effect on the spouse. The decision to end a relationship can be traumatic, chaotic and filed with contradictory emotions. A specific change in feelings, attitudes and behaviour is observed with time lapse and sufferings. Both spouses feel rejected and anxious leading to low self-esteem and depressed.

Marriage Reconciliation: A Process to Minimize the Fall-Apart

Marriage reconciliation is a very affordable alternative to divorce litigation and can help to save the relation. The process of marriage reconciliation involves meeting with the lawyer or an expert and the spouses. This helps understand each side of the story due to one-on-one meet without the other interrupting or interjecting. It is process by which parties who legally gets separated resume their marital relationship and cohabitation. Reconciliatory action can be performed by introducing specific issues, generalized problem solving and communication strategies are exchanged through behaviour modelling, hands on coaching and modification. Lawyers are not essentially required for marriage reconciliation, an expert dealing with marital counselling and behaviour modification is liable to give guidance and perform marital reconciliation. The benefit of reconciling is that it typically reduces the victim’s injustice gap by explicitly dealing with the issues.

Role of Investigators, Advisors and Reconciliatory

Approximately 70% of the profiles on leading matrimony portals and offline community marriage bureaus are either sham or have one or more types of inconsistencies. People tend to conceal or exaggerate certain facts related to their work and financial status, educational degree, physical and medical aspects to get better counterparts.

With a detailed plan of pre-matrimonial investigation, we adhere to provide assistance through carrying due diligence by our trained staff who are expert in interjecting and bringing out the scenario in real. The Advisors at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited ensure that Matchmaking is simplified, thereby Reducing chances of divorce or other legal implications due to false facts by conducting Investigations viz Checking authenticity of the profile, Identity proofing, Educational proofing: latest Educational certificates, Salary proofing etc and render precise legal advice.

Our investigators attuned to identify and focus on the irreconcilable differences which manifest when two spouses cannot get along with one another and cannot keep their marriage intact. We aim that damage caused to both the families is gets minimized. A number of divorce mitigating measures such as the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) undertaken by our Legal Advisors, Psychologists and Arbitrators focuses on teaching appropriate communication and conflict skills and provide information to help couples evaluate expectations, understand the relationship commitment and enhance positive connections between each other.

Every investigation that is entrusted to DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited is important and we apply apt resources to take it to a logical conclusion and to the best satisfaction of our clients. Bottom line, we’re well equipped to handle the cases that come our way. We thrive to protect marriages, defining new benchmarks for Matrimony Risk Management. ​ We however believe that premarital relationship education can provide skills for a healthy marriage.

DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited focuses on aiding the corporate by strengthening their protection and providing the better methods of minimizing the threat by analyzing the risk. Our leaders have adequate expertise to carry out investigations and take a case to its logical conclusion.

DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited acts as your Consultative Investigative Unit (CIU) for Field Investigation Services and Surveillance. We specialize in investigations related to Arson, White Collar Crime, Financial Fraud and Malpractice, Corporate frauds and Forgery. We specialize in Protective Intelligence, Industrial Surveys, Asset Verification, Accident Investigation Services and Fire Damage Investigation Services, Character Report, Background Verification, Identity Verification Services, Pre-Employment Check, Documentary Proofing, Bank Card Verification, Digital Forensics Services and Forensic Audit Services, Insurance Fraud investigation and Insurance Claim Verification. We also undertake to investigate Anti-Counterfeit Services, Infringement of Trade Mark, Trademark Verification and Pilferage of Good. As a private investigator we undertake Property Dispute and Asset Verification Investigations, investigations related to Matrimonial Discord, Extra Marital Affairs, and Spouse Fidelity and Pre Matrimonial Verification. Sourcing and provisioning of Security Manpower and Equipment, and to conduct Security, Investigation, Intelligence Awareness Training programs are some of our other specialties.

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