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Updated: Oct 8

DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited acknowledges the role of the defence forces in maintaining the sovereignty of our Nation and is directed to empower youth with leadership qualities and hone their skills at our Centre of Excellence (CoE). The warriors, who defend our borders to their last breath, carry a unique mind-set. There is a set of innate and imbibed character strengths, known as Officer Like Qualities (OLQs), which sets them apart and keeps them continually guided towards their missions and objectives as successful leaders.

The very intent to take a step towards forces takes them to another level, putting service before self, when many are thinking about other softer options. It should then be only imperative, to find these qualities of utmost importance in other walks of life too, including a career in different spheres. Even if you might have any other career plans for yourself, it may still be a transformative idea to go through our SSB training modules, and stack up upon your core attributes. We can help you uncover and sharpen your OLQs, imbibe the tough as nails attitude, understand the focus areas that may require attention, and nudge you towards bringing out the best in you. Our mentors and trainers can help you realign yourself, through a path of self-discovery and critical interventions, bringing you at par with candidates who are all set to become the valiant guardians of our great nation.

In fact there are instances when a few candidates clear the SSB, but cannot join the defence forces due to varied reasons. Yet the very fact of them being SSB qualified adds tremendous weightage to their CVs and does puts them a cut above their peers in a fiercely competitive environment.

There is hardly any assessment program in the country, which comprehensively evaluates overall persona and psychological as well as social skills of a candidate for being a natural leader, like the SSB does. We bring you the domain professionals and the institution, to help enhance your strengths and latencies for excelling in any field of your choosing, whether in battlefield or the corporate boardroom.

I take this opportunity to introduce this particular service of ours which is related to Nation building and Developing Future Leaders. We are pleased to announce that our Service Selection Board (SSB) training Programs have commenced at a well-appointed and equipped premium set-up located at in scenic laps of Aravali’s in Rajasthan, with complete in house boarding and lodging facilities. The aspiring cadets desirous of a glorious and honourable career serving the defence forces and seeking to become Leaders through various entry schemes are being imparted training by experienced ex-defence professionals having successfully groomed 37 cadets, who are still in service and carrying forward the legacy.

Duration of the Complete Course:

Curriculum covers the complete SSB aspects including guidance and written exams. The duration of the course will be 12 days in two batches of 20 cadets during any given month, starting on 03rd and 18th of the month. Batches are customised if three or more cadets join together. Special batches are being run for women entry schemes.

We run a crash course for 07 days also.

Special Instructions:

  • All COVID-19 measures are in place at the CoE and precautions are being taken during the training and stay of candidates. Cadets are requested to carry the medical certificate for COVID-19 as prescribed by the Government of India.

  • We encourage the family members of the candidates to stay at our CoE at an additional concessional cost. They can enjoy the natural places and religious places of worship. The details will be required to be intimated to us, well in advance for making suitable arrangements for the family members. They will not be allowed to stay with the cadets.

  • Adequate security arrangements are in place to take care of our centre.

  • For specific details regarding the contents of the course and photographs of the facilities available please visit

We welcome students of Class X, XII and final year Graduation (B.A, B.Sc., B.Com, Law Graduates and Engineering Graduates) to undergo SSB preparation at our CoE. I am sanguine this could turn out to be a difference between meeting their cherished dreams or otherwise.

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