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Introduction to Cybersecurity

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

-Team DRASInt


Our experts have analyzed that the Security and Investigative functions are linked to Cyber domain in one way or the other. Intricate knowledge of Cyber security and related processes is mandatory. In an attempt to arm our students with sound knowledge in the field of Cyber-security, we will be evolving a Cyber security module exclusively to be used in Security domain. The contents, which are basic in nature will be introduced to the audience in a series of introductory articles by our team. You can log on to the blog page to offer your valuable comments for suggesting improvements.


Cyber Security is the process that is designed to protect the network and devices from external threat. The world of Cyber Security revolves around the principles of Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity(CAI). In the world of Cyber Security, Privacy means that only the authorized user can access the data. Integrity means the information can be altered, added or removed by the authorized users; and availability means systems, functions, and data must be available on-demand according to agreed-upon parameters. The main element of cyber security is the authentication Mechanism. For example: if anyone desires to access the data from any source then authentication of email and password is required.

Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crime is an unauthorized activity on Computer, Devices, and Network. The Crime is of three types: one; where computer is directly affected, two; where it is incidental and three; where computer is target indirectly. Now let’s see that how the Cyber Crime affects the network directly or indirectly?

Cyber criminal usually try to profit by using the following techniques amongst others:

Denial of Service, DOS

  • In this the hacker consumes all of the server’s resources and the authorized user is not left with anything to access.


  • In this type the hacker uses the Trojan virus, Spyware virus and Ransom Virus to access the individual's device. For example: A spam email is received by the user. If a user click's on the link or message, it gives access to the hackers or the cyber criminal to collect the data from user's computer un-ethically.

Man in the Middle

  • In this the Hacker puts himself between the victim's computer and the routers to sniff data packets or to access the data.


  • Here the hacker sends a seemingly- legitimated email to the user to access it and disclose the personal information.

Cyber Threats

It has been seen that the data breaches, hacking and Cyber-crime are increasing every day and have become a threat to all the organization and the individual data users as well. To overcome this issue, the companies rely on the security specialist to make sure that the valuable company’s data and the assets are safeguarded by identifying the potential threats. Cyber threats can thus be identified and the data can be protected by:-

  • Finding the issue, testing it and identifying the weak areas because of which the data has been hacked and then repairing the weakness within the companies infrastructure.

  • Monitoring the system daily for the malicious content.

  • Identifying the Network breaches.

  • Install regular software updates, firewalls, and anti viruses.

  • Working closely on the areas where mostly the data breach is happening.

  • Asset Security, Security Architecture and Engineering, Communication and Network Security, Identity and access management, Security operations, Security assessment and testing, Software development security, and Security and risk management.

  • Now there are few specific methods to overcome this threat and data breach, which are as follows:

  • Using the two way authentications.

  • Security passwords.

  • Installing regular updates.

  • Running Antivirus software

  • Using firewalls to disable the unwanted services.

  • Securing the domain name server, Domain name system (DNS).

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