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Corporate Risk Management Consultancy Services including Corporate Security ]


To carry on the business of providing consultancy and advisory services for fraud analysis, prevention, risk and loss mitigation, conduct investigation, interviews, liasoning, security audits, gap analysis, risk management, corporate security, intelligence, and compliance services.

[ Expert Private Investigator ]


DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited is a full-service investigative organization providing our clients with affordable, efficient, classified corporate and private investigative services. Our team is a rich blend of expert investigators from the field of forensic science, intelligence, legal, financial and law enforcement based in all Metropolitan cities of India. We have our alliance partners sited all across the globe to reinforce the network. Our professionals along with their network, leverage their trade-craft to provide customized investigative services.​ 

Insurance Sector


  • Insurance Frauds that are investigated by DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited including but not limited to Fake insurance policies, Fake customers, Fake declarations, and Fake claims. ​The investigation methods employed by DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited to tackle the menace include Investigation and cross-checks of documents to detect fraud and Running a special investigation of every doubtful claim. 

Automobile Insurance 

  • We investigate Automobiles Insurance Frauds viz Misrepresenting facts on insurance applications, Inflating insurance claims, Staging accidents, Submitting claim forms for injuries or damage that never occurred, False reports of stolen vehicles, Counterfeit spares being produced for nearly every make of vehicle, and Unscrupulous automobile body repair shop using less expensive airbags and obtaining reimbursement from insurance companies for legitimate airbags.


  • We investigate Employers who misrepresent their payroll or the type of work carried out by their workers to pay lower premiums thereby committing workers compensation fraud. Some employers also apply for coverage under different names to foil attempts to recover money owed on previous policies or to avoid detection of their poor claim record. Then there are frauds committed at a personal level by various stakeholders for illegal monetary gains.

Financial and Cyber 

  • A plethora of frauds is continuously witnessed in Accounting. Our forensic accountants employ tools to identify financial frauds and irregularities. 

  • We help you to investigate White Collar Crime, Corporate fraud, Cyber frauds,  Blackmail, Bribery, Embezzlement, Hoarding, Black-marketing, Blue Collar Crime,​Industry Specific Frauds like frauds specific to the Logistics sector, Security industry, Financial institution, Healthcare industry viz False billing, Common Red Flags like Financial Statement Frauds, Asset Misappropriation, Common Green Flags, Counterfeit Cards, Identity Theft, Insider trading and Hiding or nondisclosure of assets.

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) 

  • We also investigate Copyright, Patents, Designs, Trademarks, Inventor promotion fraud, or Invention promotion scams, and moreover, we are always on the lookout for Tell-Tale signs of IPR Frauds viz Requests for immediate, up-front payment for promotion or development services, Lack of proper contact information, credentials, or identification, Failure to provide written correspondences, receipts, or contracts and Gimmicks such as “money-back guarantees.

Logistics Sector

  • The Management of the Companies has to give their commitment to anti-fraud strategies in the Logistics sector. We at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited with our experienced investigators are there to help them both discreetly or through a customized intelligence solution to suit their business requirements.


  • The consultants at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited ensure that Matchmaking is simplified, thereby reducing chances of divorce or other legal implications due to false facts by conducting Investigations viz Checking the authenticity of the profile, Identity proofing, Educational proofing: latest Educational certificates, Salary proofing, etc.

[ Security and Information Technology Project Services ]

To provide services related to SITC (Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning) of projects of security (Physical & Technical) and IT-related project services (Software & Hardware).

[ Employment Activities, Human Resource Provision and Management of Human Resource Functions including Private Security Activities ]

To provide Manpower provisioning (Security & Safety Staff) services, Escort Activities, Recruitment services which include online recruitment and physical recruitment and consulting services.

[ Education, Skill Development, Training and Publishing Activities, and Other Educational Activities ]

To provide online & physical training for employment purposes, to provide publishing services i.e. E-publishing and physical, to host seminars physical and online, to provide office administrative services and other business support services.

[ Social Work Activities and other Business Support Activities Including Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities ]

  • As part of our contribution to society, we are strongly committed to Water Conservation, its Harvesting, and Recharging.

  • We remain ever indebted to our defense forces and their sacrifices. We will do what it takes to hold the hands of the retired personnel in their second career option.

Every investigation that is entrusted to DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited is important and we apply apt resources to take it to a logical conclusion and to the best satisfaction of our clients. The bottom line, we’re well equipped to handle the cases that come our way.  


We thrive to protect organizations, defining new benchmarks for comprehensive risk management solutions. 

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