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DRASInt SecureNRI is a comprehensive security risk management product designed specifically for NRI homeowners in India. Our goal is to provide a worry-free security solution for NRI houses, allowing homeowners to rest easy knowing their property is secure.


  • Initial Consultation. We start with an initial consultation with the homeowner to understand their specific security concerns and gather information about the location of the house and existing security measures.

    Site Assessment. Next, our team of expert security professionals conducts a thorough site assessment to identify any potential security risks. This assessment includes a review of the perimeter, entrances and exits, windows, and other potential entry points.

    Security Recommendations. Based on the site assessment, we provide a list of customized security recommendations to the homeowner. These recommendations may include suggestions for security devices such as CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, motion sensors, and other security systems to enhance the security of the house.

    Security Devices Installation. Once the homeowner approves the recommendations, we proceed with the installation of the suggested security devices. Our team of experienced technicians ensures that the devices are installed correctly and functioning properly.

    Guards and Vigilance Teams. If the security risk assessment identifies a need for guards and vigilance teams, we provide recommendations for the number of guards required, their qualifications, and the necessary training they should receive. We can also recommend the frequency and duration of patrols and the use of technology, such as GPS tracking devices, to enhance their effectiveness.

    Follow-Up Assessment. After the security devices are installed and any guards or vigilance teams are in place, we conduct a follow-up assessment to ensure that the security measures are working effectively. This assessment includes a review of security footage, interviews with guards and vigilance teams, and an inspection of the security devices to ensure they are functioning correctly.

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