Why Root Cause Analysis(RCA)?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021


Our experts have analyzed that the Security and Investigative functions are linked to Cyber domain in one way or the other. Intricate knowledge of Cyber security and related processes is mandatory. In an attempt to arm our students with sound knowledge in the field of Cyber-security, we will be evolving a Cyber security module exclusively to be used in Security domain. The contents, which are basic in nature will be introduced to the audience in a series of introductory articles by our team. You can log on to the blog page to offer your valuable comments.

What is Root Cause Analysis?

The Root is the origin, source, or cause of something. When we are using our problem solving abilities, we can employ a variety of techniques. One that is often used in engineering is the root cause analysis. The objective of this analysis is to find the problem and eliminate it for good. This process should result in the problem no longer being a problem now or in the future. In this case, the root can also be described as the “true” reason for a problem.

The Process of RCA

RCA should not just be diagnosing the symptoms but eradicating the source. Secondly, this is not just strictly related to the cyber security industry or processes. The analysis is applicable to any problem that your business faces or even in your personal life.

Define Event

The monster is an unknown issue. When we identify the problem event it is no longer a monster and we can clarify the issue and define the scope of the problem. If the event involves more than the Information Technology or Security department, it is important that all members share a common understanding of problem. Some questions are:

  • What happened?