Environmental Risks: Water Risk Management (WRM)

Updated: Oct 25, 2021


Setu Shah,

CEO Sujalaam

`પરાધીન સ્વ્પ્નેહું સુખ નાહી!`

Tulsidasjee says if you are dependent on someone for something, you will never get true happiness or contentment.

The very concept of ‘Atmanirbharta’ is based on the philosophy of being self-reliant for our daily need. In today’s era we the humans are solely relying on others for our basic needs of Water, Energy and Food and hence we face problems in achieving them with ease and generate a huge amount of pollution while achieving it.

As we know that whole universe is the composition of five elements Jal - Vayu - Agni - Dharti - Aakash! We Indians worship all of them and Indian culture is based and formed on these elements and the Nature.

“Atmanirbharta” = Self Reliance

Did you know that harvested rainwater can meet most of your daily requirements even in rainfall deficient areas?

Did you also know that 60% of the water used in cleaning and washing every day can be re-used by proper waste management system?

Did you know Solar energy is clean energy and abundantly available?

Did you know 49% of Kitchen waste is Organic waste and can be converted into Compost?

Atmanirbhar is a concept to implement Rainwater Harvesting, Recharge, Reusing Wastewater, Converting Kitchen waste to Compost and using Solar Energy to make India self-reliant in Water, Energy and Food.

Water - Live Asset!

Today's un-sustainability is because of the way we use and abuse water resources. We will not be able to overcome this situation unless steps are taken on an individual level at war footing. Present situation will only end up in dire consequences for our future generation.

Water cannot be history! If it is, we will be history too!

It's high time; we do something!

Water Scarcity: In spite of receiving 110 cm of average rainfall against World average of 80 cm we are facing water scarcity! Reason is ignoring and forgetting our years old convention and culture of recharging the ground water and harvesting of the rain water! Unorganized planning of water supply systems and lack of provision for the Waste Water treatment many schools face Rainwater Logging and Health related issues.

Even with good rainy season scarcity and quality of drinking water is a common issue. While the privileged are criminally wasting water available to them, there are over a billion people with no access to safe drinking water.

Water is as much a global issue as it is local. We forget the relativity of its sources and the dangerous sword hanging on our heads.

80+% of the available water in India is being consumed in agriculture. We are using parts of it to meet today's food demand that should have been reserved for our children tomorrow.

Our Forefathers had to face this problem too, but the ancient wisdom of rainwater harvesting was more futuristic than that of our modern civilization.

The water imbalance we face today sometimes results in droughts or floods, and other times in acute calamities.

Ironically, the rich rainwater is disposed of in drains, and expensive filter systems are installed to fetch chemically treated water.

Reviving existing water bodies, smart farming, responsible industrialization, re-using waste water, harvesting and recharging rainwater are the only saving grace of survival.

“Aatma-Neer-Bharta” = Self Reliance in Water

Rainwater Harvesting:

Tribals living in deserts could not afford to waste a single drop of rain in areas where the groundwater was too saline to drink. For them, it was not a conservation plan; it was a way of life. The ‘kunds' or 'tankas' built in these areas could store up to one hundred thousand litres of pure, distilled water in one season.

Tanka's, the underground water storage tanks found traditionally in old houses and courtyards collected rainwater. The beautiful tiles covering them helped to keep the water cool. The circular holes made in the ground and lined with fine, polished lime made the water fit for drinking. The tanka system has prevailed in the pilgrim town of Dwarka for centuries.

Step-wells, the architectural marvels, were flawlessly perceived and designed to store and fetch, varying levels of rainwater. The traditional society knew how to combine engineering and aesthetics, based on a social foundation.

Groundwater Recharge:

Wetland degradation and Water logging are two interlinked problems. Wetlands in the form of ponds, lakes, streams, rivers and coastal waters has been crucial to the survival of human being. All the civilizations prospered along one or the other wetland. Even today these wetlands are vital for the sustenance of the human populations everywhere. Yet, these wetlands that have been life-supporting systems, have been degraded ruthlessly. The degradation has affected the water availability. In times of less rainfall we face severe water shortage, while in times of better rains there is problem of water logging.

The wetlands still serve as a major source of water for domestic purpose in villages and help in recharging groundwater. On the other hand, wetlands in cities are generally considered useless due to water supply through pipelines, and are considered as cause for various water borne diseases. The wetlands are converted to other uses by overlooking the fact that these act as a buffer, preventing water logging and scarcity.

Reuse Treated Waste Water:

The Waste Water from toilet blocks will be diverted to Reed Bed System which will remove the suspended particles and odour from the water with water quality of 50 BOD value. These treated water will be utilized for Kitchen garden to grow domestic vegetables and flushing tanks.


Safe drinking water.

• The quality & quantity of the ground water would improve.

• Criminal waste of water would be avoided.

• Solution to the areas where water gets logged.

Stops soil & water bodies contamination.

• Control on quality of water being disposed.


According to one survey it is said the amount of sunlight received by earth in one hour is more than the total energy used to by the entire world for an entire year! Solar is a safe alternative which can replace current fossil fuels like coal and gas for generation of electricity that produce air, water, and land pollution.

Carbon-di-Oxide Emitting Energy: The total primary energy consumption from Crude Oil 29.55%, Natural Gas 6.17%, Coal 55.88%, Nuclear Energy 1.09%, Hydro Electricity 3.91% and Renewable 3.40% (excluding traditional biomass use) in the calendar year 2018.


Adopt green energy

Total energy requirement can be shifted to solar energy. The existing electrical equipment should be changed with energy efficient equipment’s to reduce the power consumption.


• Saves Environment from pollution.

• Un-interrupted power supply.

• Fast return on Investment.

Solid Waste

Waste disposal industry is thriving, and it is not just about dumping waste into dumpsters. Typically, waste is categorized as either organic, inorganic, or waste that cannot be recycled. Organic waste such as food products are used to create compost, and inorganic waste such as paper is recycled or used to manufacture other products. Reuse of waste materials using an efficient waste management system helps reduce the demand on natural resources. Moreover, there is less garbage produced in the landfills.

Disposal of Kitchen and Garden waste: A good amount of kitchen waste causes a big problem of garbage. even garden are producing the organic waste in form of dry leaf every day, general practice is to burn garden waste but it harms the environment though carbon emission!


Create Organic Waste (Cleanliness through segregating, recycling and composting):

The Kitchen waste generated will be segregated at source. Paper, Glass, Metal etc. waste will be sold to local kabadiwala and organic waste will be treated in composter to convert it into organic manure which shall be utilised in kitchen garden to grow domestic vegetables.


• Waste - To - Income.

• Cleanliness.

• Safety & Better Health.

Nurturing Nature & Nation


On adopting traditional methods of Reaping the Rain and Reusing the Drain we can save water up to 75% what we are extracting today. Criminal waste of water would be avoided.


Using clean energy will reduce the carbon emission and keep Air we breathe clean.


Keeping surrounding clean will be an aid towards healthy living and can be an added source of income.

We at DRASInt Risk Alliance Private Limited, involved in CRM through Detection, Research, Analysis, Security (DRAS) and Protective Intelligence (Int) as part of our contribution to society are strongly committed towards WRM (water conservation, it’s harvesting and recharging) as we are witnessing fast depletion in water levels, its quality deterioration, high rainfall areas facing water shortage because of unequal distribution of ground water resources, water logging and increasing Industrial pollution. Manage our water Resources, Save Earth & Safeguard our future generations by

· Sensible use of water in domestic consumption.

· Modern irrigation practices.

· Recycle, reuse and Recharge water.

We recommend:

· Basic knowledge of Environmental Risk Management to all stakeholders

· Capacity building

· Community participation

· Coordination among various stakeholders

· Need of effective legislation (Water Rights)

· Self-regulation for self-reliance

· Preventive measures to avoid wastages and correct existing anomalies

· Scientific approach to water risk management and pricing of resource.

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